Monday, December 10, 2012

Control Pose Pack by Le Kiki ._./ [With List.. WHAT A TWIST! :D]]


YO! Sup! HELLO!! :) It's Your Homie G Le Kiki UP IN HURRR!!

Soo, I have A new Pose pack that I actually had started back in November but, I noticed how much stuff I uploaded then, so I saved it until DECEMBER!! Tis The season right?

OKAY! So, here is your wonderful and most beautiful listeds Everrrs :)

Alright, the download link is BELOWWWWWW ... I know you love me!!


  1. Yeeeeeees I love you :) and I loved the poses, thanks for sharing !
    One question,they have pose list ?

    Kisses :) (I'm sorry, I have a bad english xD)

  2. Yes it does! :)

    Your English is fine. Don't worry. haha