Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Milnar Twins: Carissa Milnar

Meet The Milnar Girls

SO!! Here is the other twin (again, ALSO a generated child with the use of Efren and the mother who shall not be named O_O!!) Carissa was just... Idk.. I feel so in love with her <3 He face is of some type of ANGEL But.. she has the traits of a Demon O_O!! XD! It's true. Her and Ursula are pretty much like their father in so many ways. I also have 2 versions of her as well. The download links will be below the pictures. Enjoy! 

Human        Vampire


  1. Credits to the Cc Creators?

    Cute Sims btw, I like the Vampire.

  2. She is gorgeous. I love both forms!