Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Milnar Twins: Ursula Milnar

 Meet the Milnar Girls

I...LOVE...HER!! <3 T_T!! She is a generated child with the use of her Father (Efren Milnar). Her mother is another sim I created BUUT she's not up for download.. Because she's the daughter of my main RP Sim ._. Sorry about that... ._. BUT ANYWAY! This is Ursula Milnar. I know what you're thinking "Ursula? WTH is this... LITTLE MERMAID!?" Yes.. Yes.. That's EXACTLY.. Okay no ._. For some reason, when I use a generated child (unless I feel the need to reuse a name) I'll generate a name as well and that named popped up. To be quite frank... I think it fits her perfectally :D!

ALRIGHT! Enough with my chitter chatter. Here She is and I have her in 2 forms. Her original Vampire form or Human form. ENJOY!! ^_^/

Human                            Vampire


  1. Where did you get her hair from??

    She is beautiful!