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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Milnar Twins: Carissa Milnar

Meet The Milnar Girls

SO!! Here is the other twin (again, ALSO a generated child with the use of Efren and the mother who shall not be named O_O!!) Carissa was just... Idk.. I feel so in love with her <3 He face is of some type of ANGEL But.. she has the traits of a Demon O_O!! XD! It's true. Her and Ursula are pretty much like their father in so many ways. I also have 2 versions of her as well. The download links will be below the pictures. Enjoy! 

Human        Vampire

The Milnar Twins: Ursula Milnar

 Meet the Milnar Girls

I...LOVE...HER!! <3 T_T!! She is a generated child with the use of her Father (Efren Milnar). Her mother is another sim I created BUUT she's not up for download.. Because she's the daughter of my main RP Sim ._. Sorry about that... ._. BUT ANYWAY! This is Ursula Milnar. I know what you're thinking "Ursula? WTH is this... LITTLE MERMAID!?" Yes.. Yes.. That's EXACTLY.. Okay no ._. For some reason, when I use a generated child (unless I feel the need to reuse a name) I'll generate a name as well and that named popped up. To be quite frank... I think it fits her perfectally :D!

ALRIGHT! Enough with my chitter chatter. Here She is and I have her in 2 forms. Her original Vampire form or Human form. ENJOY!! ^_^/

Human                            Vampire

Efren Milnar

Yup, you guessed it.. My Vampie XD!! I LOVED him because he was just so... Different and strange. His traits are really whacko and he seems to fit the part of 'Vampire' to me.. As long as he NEVER twinkles -_-... Damn you Twilight -_- Whyyy -_-!? I will be taking more pictures of him for you to get all of views of him :)

Jet Narvana

This is Jet! My first werewolf ^_^! I adored him and I planned on uploading him, but it took me a small while to get around to doing it. Had to break from my LAZY spell X_X! But! I hope you like him as much as I Do ^_^ <3